No Tennessee Property Tax Exemption for Beef Industry Real Property

On March 2, 2017, Administrative Judge Brook Thompson issued an “Initial Decision and Order” denying a property tax exemption to the Tennessee Beef Industry Council, Inc (the “Beef Council”) for a 0.53 acre tract of land improved with a 5,916 square foot office building located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The link below shows a picture of the property via Google Earth: Link The Beef Council asserted that the property qualified for a property tax exemption under Tenn. Code Ann. §67-5-212(a)(1). Tenn. Code Ann. §67-5-212(a)(1) provides a property tax exemption for property which is used by religious, charitable, scientific or nonprofit education institutions purely and exclusively for carrying out one of more of the exempt purposes for which the institution was created […]

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